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About the TDK History Museum
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About TDK History Museum
About TDK History Museum
Following its establishment on December 7, 1935, to carry out the world’s first commercial production of ferrite, a magnetic material invented in Japan, TDK has been committed to developing business principally in Akita by constructing a number of production facilities there based on a close relationship with local communities. Hirasawa Plant is one of such facilities and was built in July 1940 in Hirasawa-machi, Yuri-gun (present-day Nikaho City), Akita.

The TDK History Museum was constructed on the premises of TDK's Hirasawa Plant, which has a history that reaches back to the company's establishment, as a part of the company's 70th anniversary project. With a design inspired by the materials TDK mainly deals in-i.e., ferrite, iron oxides (from which ferrite is made), and ceramics-the museum is set amid lush natural surroundings in Akita.

Under the main theme of "What has TDK created?" exhibitions in the Symbol Zone at the entrance include the TDK Gallery, which displays the company's products; A TDK Pre-history and Presidents, which introduces the company's founder and presidents, History of the TDK Brand; and the Highlight Corner, which features TDK products by category (ferrite, ceramics, applications components, HDD heads, recording media, etc.). The Event Hall shows visitors videos on TDK.
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