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CSR Activities
Updated Oct. 26, 2010
Local Community Relations

Basic Concept of Contributing to Society

TDK, recognizing its responsibility to act as a corporate citizen in harmony with the rest of society, promotes unique community activities aimed at contributing to society in a meaningful way.


Based on TDK's corporate motto of "Contribute to culture and industry through creativity," the TDK Group aspires to foster the development of a healthy and prosperous society by implementing various activities in which all TDK employees can feel committed and connected to the community.


The TDK Group will utilize its various resources (employees, products, capital, information, etc.) to globally implement proactive community activities - both alone and working alongside NPOs and NGOs - that contribute to the betterment of society in the areas of (1) academic, research, and education, (2) sports, art, and culture, (3) environmental conservation, and (4) social welfare and local community service activities.
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Academic, Research and Education Activities

TDK is willing to return the profits of its activities to local communities by utilizing our accumulated product technologies and human resources. Specifically, TDK wishes to offer opportunities for young people who will lead the next generation to acquire a wide range of knowledge, experiences, and skills.
Electronics workshops at the TDK History Museum in Nikaho City, Akita Prefecture
Organized mostly by TDK alumni, these workshops for elementary and middle school students started in FY 2008. Electronics workshops and tours of the TDK History Museum are held during summer and winter vacations. More than 500 students have taken part so far, with recent events including more students from outside Akita Prefecture.

Environmental education for elementary school students at the TDK-MCC Akita Plant
In 2003, TDK-MCC began doing presentations for elementary school students in Nikaho City, Akita Prefecture on the company's environmental activities. In 2009, 4th and 5th year students at Hirasawa Elementary School deepened their understanding of the environment by learning about environmental activities such as the 3Rs-Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

TDK Shonai appeals to peace by sponsoring book donation and essay award in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture
In 2007, TDK Shonai began donating copies of The Tale of Wu Yun, about Japanese war orphans left behind in China, to local elementary schools and sponsoring an award for essays written upon reading the book. In FY2010, TDK Shonai donated around 40 copies to elementary schools in three towns and gave awards to six essays written by their students.
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Sports, Art and Culture Activities

TDK strives to be an "exciting company, " capable of providing quality and excitement to stakeholders. TDK provides support in inspirational sports and art activities that uplift people's hearts.
Sponsorship of World Championship in Athletics
TDK has been an IAAF Official Partner of men's bibs since the first IAAF World Championship in Athletics, held in Helsinki, Finland in 1983. TDK will sponsor the 2011 Games in Korea and continue this sponsorship through 2019.

Sponsorship of world-class orchestras and events that bring musicians and students together
TDK has been sponsoring performances by world-class orchestras under the name "TDK Orchestra Concert" since 2001. Starting in 2003, TDK also began sponsoring events that send musicians visiting Japan to schools, where they perform and interact with students.

Sports workshop for elementary and middle school students
Since 2007, current and former members of the Production Engineering Center's sports clubs have been hosting sports workshops for children in Akita Prefecture. In 2009, a total of 233 children took part in three baseball workshops, a soccer workshop, and two volleyball workshops.
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Environmental Conservation Activities

TDK is engaged in R&D activities to provide products that make people's lives more convenient. But we also work earnestly on various environmental conservation activities to contribute to the harmonious coexistence of society with the global environment.
Tree planting by TDK (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
TDK has been doing tree planting activities around Thailand since 2004. In July 2009, 340 employees planted some 500 trees along roadsides in Pathum Thani Province.

TDK Beech Forest tree planting and fertilizing organized by plants in the Akita region
TDK has been working to preserve a section of Mount Chokai in Akita Prefecture dubbed the TDK Beech Forest. Every year more than 100 TDK Group employees take part in planting and fertilizing. So far, 3,000 trees have been planted over 8,020 square-meters.

Joint volunteer cleanup campaign of the Chikumagawa region sponsored by the Chikumagawa Techno Factory and Asama Techno Factory in Saku City, Nagano Prefecture
Since 2006, the Chikumagawa Techno Factory and Asama Techno Factory have joined together once a year to cleanup areas around their factories. The 2009 effort was carried out in July with the help of around 150 TDK employees.
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Social Welfare and Local Community Service Activities

TDK conducts its business activities on a global basis. We endeavor to apply our resources in a positive manner and provide help in overcoming various challenges in local communities, in order to realize a better society.
Magnecomp Precision Technology Public Co., Ltd. donates audio books to organization for the visually impaired
From September to December 2009, Magnecomp Precision Technology produced some 2,000 audio books by reading them aloud onto CD and other media to donate to the Thai Association for the Blind. 2,000 employees took part in the effort.

TDK U.S.A. Corporation takes part in volunteer activities to feed the hungry
In September 2009, 23 TDK U.S.A. employees volunteered at local soup kitchens and food pantries that distribute free food to people in need. They prepared and served lunch, distributed toiletries, and performed other volunteer activities for around 600 people.

Nursing home volunteer activities by SAE Magnetics Hong Kong Ltd.
In November 2009, 31 SAE Magnetics Hong Kong employees visited a nursing home in Changan to clean the facility and help nursing home residents with hairdressing, nail trimming, and other tasks. The volunteers also socialized with nursing home residents through dance presentations and other activities.
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